Discipleship triangles

Our desire is for everyone in our church body to be a part of a discipleship relationship.  Discipleship triangles are one way we hope to accomplish this.  Each discipleship triangle is made up of a minimum of 3 people.  Triangles meet a minimum of twice a month and include a bible or book study along with prayer and life on life discipleship.

If you are interested in being part of a triangle or leading a triangle please contact:

Men: Josh Nims

Women: Whitney Kaufman

*triangles are for all ages

To see our Discipleship Triangle Promo Video/Testimonial, check out our Facebook page.

There are training times and Check-In's for Triangle Leader's.

If you are a Discipleship Triangle Leader, you are expected to be able to make it to these times. If you cannot make it, please just contact Josh Nims or Whitney Kaufman!

Dates to Remember:

Wednesday, November 15 @ 630PM (Women @ Whitney Kaufman's in Sugarcreek and Men @ Don Stubbs in New Phila)

Discipleship Training

We are passionate about teaching the Bible and helping our church learn in theory and practice.  On Sunday mornings (9:30am at Baltic & 10:00am at New Phila) we have adult classes that are currently studying Gensis, Romans, Colossians, Timothy, and Mark.  If you have any questions please contact Travis Troyer.

For children's & youth discipleship training times and info, please see the k-12 in Ministries!

New Phila Adult Classes meet Downstairs in the Big room and the Conference Room