adult ministries

There are many different ministries within CSC to meet your needs and that are available to be joined, whether you are a young adult, single, married, man, woman. All ministries are below in alphabetical order with the people to contact and meeting times!

  • Celebrate Recovery

    Celebrate Recovery is for anyone struggling with addictions of any kind. We are all broken and CR gives people a chance to work through that brokenness together with other people in the church. CR meets once per week, and is usually a small group of people.

    If you are interested in joining Celebrate Recovery through CSC or would like more info, please contact Pastor Marlin or check out their website.

    Baltic Group- Meets Saturday mornings @ 8AM. There are men's and women's groups.

    New Phila Group - Meets Wednesdays @ OTW Ministry Center. If you are interested in joining, please speak to Randy & Rhonda Stull

  • Connect

    Connect is a CSC Ministry devoted to helping Young Adults grow by creating spaces of intentional fellowship.

    We do this by Fellowship Meals once a month and Fun Activities every quarter!

    For more info, you can speak to one of the leaders, Stacie Steel, Jill Troyer, Collin Yoder, Eli & Byrnese Craig.

    Fall Schedule

    Fellowship Meals - Wednesday, September 27 @ 630PM @ Jill’s.

                Wednesday, October 18 @ 630PM @ Stacie’s.

                 Saturday, November 18 @ 6PM @ Jessi’s


    Fall Fun Day - Sunday, October 29 @ Collins @ 4PM

  • Ladies bible study

    Fall Semester:

    5 Week Study of Psalms from Linda Dillow's book entitled A Deeper King of Calm. In her book, Linda Dillow asks us to think through the valleys we experience and to discover God's great and ever present faithfulness. The study will meet at Jenny Yoder's home in Ragersville. Contact Jenny to sign-up. Estimated costs of book is $12-$14.

    Thursday mornings from 9AM - 1030AM

    September 14 - October 12

    8 Week Study of the book of Galatians. In writing to the church, Paul explains how he came to Christ and how he was discipled. He cautions and exhorts new Christ followers about slipping away from the Gospel. This study will meet at the Baltic location (2236 State Route 93). Bring a Bible and a Spiral Notebook. Contact Candy Trachsel to sign-up.

    Tuesday's @ 9AM - 1030AM


    Tuesdays @ 6PM - 730PM

    September 12 - October 31

  • Men of Valor

    If you are man who wants to seek God and learn what it is to be a godly man, this is the group for you! MOV does some bible studies, and spends a lot of time praying for one another and with some service within the community to those who are in need.

    MOV meets the 2nd Saturday of each month @ 8am, alternating from Baltic and New Phila locations.

    *contact Scott Smith 330-432-2150

    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, October 14 @ 8AM @ Baltic

  • Missional marriage

    Missional Marriage is for married couples of any age. It is a great opportunity to meet other couples, and spend time in community and building relationships with the couples within the church. They do fun things throughout the year like camping, cooking nights, and events that are scheduled randomly throughout the year.

    For more info, contact Travis Troyer

    Upcoming Events

  • Share Your Faith

    These are evenings where you have the opportunity to go out on the streets in New Phila and intentionally share your faith with people you run into.

    They will happen once a month, on the 2nd Sunday each month from 630PM - 8PM.

    For more info, speak to Randy Stull or Matt Baker.

    Next one is October 8