We at CSC believe that we are a part of the body of Christ and strive to keep the family aspect in our church.

One way we do that is through our different ministries of the church (which are all listed under the Ministries tab), our monthly newsletter and social media. If you would like your photos shared with the Church, just use the hashtag #CSCLife on social media (such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) and we can get it and share it with the church and it may just end up on our photo scroll above and on the monthly newsletter! If you would like to receive the monthly newsletter, please contact Jill.

If you would like a copy of the CSC Church Directory, please contact Jill. Paper and Electronic copies are available.

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Community Life

There are number of ministries and ways to connect with fellow believer's at many different stages of life at CSC. Some are church sanctioned and others happen organically as we spend week in and week out with each other getting to know each other! Check out our different ministries under the Ministry tab at the top to see if there is one for you!

Prayer Requests

  • Jason Dallacheisa who has an aggressive form of colon cancer and is undergoing chemo. Please pray for him and the family.
  • Dave Rhode's who had a bad bicycle accident and is in Summa Rehab and has movement everywhere but his arms. Please keep praying for his recovery and the family!
  • Andrea Miller who just finished her radiation treatment!
  • Jacob Whitman family and friends as they grieve his death.
  • Denny Ferguson's brother who has a blood clot in his head.
  • Nadine Shafer's family as they grieve her loss.
  • The Casey Travis family who is grieving the loss of their father.

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