• Marlin Beachy

    Marlin is married to Sharon and spent most of his adult life living in Alaska.  His role at CSC includes overseeing shepherding, care, and preaching.  He works with the elders to make sure we stay true to the Bible in our church leadership and teaching and is one of the main teachers.  Marlin makes friends with anyone and everyone and can never pass up a good amish donut.

  • Jeff Kaufman

    Jeff is married to Whitney and has three young children, Raine, Cyrus, and Eve.  His role at CSC includes overseeing worship, K-12 ministry, serve, service planning, and doing a lot of the behind the scenes admin work.  He is passionate about seeing people worship in Spirit and in truth.  Jeff wears shorts during every month of the year and loves to play golf.

  • Don Stubbs

    Don is committed to a life of singleness and has spent his spare time pouring his life into young men.  Don's role at CSC includes overseeing discipleship, missions, prayer, and discipleship training.  Along with being one of the main teachers he is developing our leadership training for volunteers and leaders in our church.  Don loves the sci-fi channel and you will often find him trying to beat Jeff at golf.

  • Travis Troyer

    After growing up at CSC he looked all over for a wife and found Beki in Northern Ireland.  They have been happily married for four years.  His role at CSC includes being one of the main teachers as well as overseeing community life and discipleship triangles.  Travis is a big Cleveland Browns fan and loves to do travel photography with his wife.

  • Josh Nims

    Josh is married to Whitney and they have a two young daughter's named Hadi and Selah.  Josh's role at CSC is overseeing our New Philadelphia location.  He is responsible for leading the core team, works with Jeff on service planning & worship.  Josh loves to play games and eat good food.  Being a native of Boston he loves the east coast and clam chowder.

  • Matt Baker

    Matt is married to Sonya and they have two kids, Paige and Wesley. His role at CSC is assisting in Youth, Outreach, and Kids Ministries. He is passionate about evangelism and seeing people's lives changed by the gospel. Matt is a big Philadelphia Eagles fan, even though they are bad, and he enjoys playing golf.


  • Jill Troyer - Secretary

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  • Beka illick - treasurer

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  • Eric Schrock - Baltic Campus Administrator

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  • Nick Mast - 

    New Phila Worship Leader

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  • BYrnese Craig -


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  • Elsie Belt -


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  • Whitney Kaufman - Women's Discipleship Triangles

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  • Jonny Boyd - 

    Men's Discipleship triangles

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