reach out - bring in - build up - send out

CSC is a loving community committed to reproducing passionate disciples of Jesus Christ.

Join us for corporate worship on Sundays 10:30am in Baltic l 11:00am in New Philadelphia


  • Work God's Way Conference

    Saturday, Nov 18 @ Walnut Creek Cheese from 9AM-Noon

    This conference is for business owners and managers. To sign-up or for more info contact Jeff Kaufman Cost is $10 which includes a book.

  • CSC Christmas party

    Sunday, Dec 3 @ our Baltic Location in the fellowship hall.

    Party begins @ 6PM, and there will be sandwiches, guessing games along with fun group activities.

    Please Bring: finger food or a dessert, and a $5-$10 gift for a fun exchange.

  • Bathroom Remodel @ Baltic location

    The foyer bathrooms in Baltic are currently being remodeled.

    Please use the bathrooms off of the Fellowship Hall for the time being.